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Frequent Answers about Free Quotes.

NewsGetting started on your free web design quote means exactly that for most web sites, graphic design quotes and web designs. However, there are times once we get started on a project that may take up more time than what we are able to give on a free quote. Chances are slim and we don’t usually charge for a quote…hence the term FREE. However here are some exceptions to that rule:


  • If you have a VERY LARGE existing site that will take over more than 1 hour of our time to review – Then a small fee will apply. However, if you decide to use our services than that fee will be applied as a discount off of your over-all bill for the project. This payment must be made upfront at a minimum of 1 hour (you still get the hour free = 2 hours). if any additional hours are needed to look into other areas of your existing site, then this will be agreed and paid upon ahead of time.


  • If there is more work to be done such as moving the site to another hosting company, switching domain names, etc that will have to be done and third party calls and inquiries will have to be contacted about your project before we can even quote, a small service fee may be included. Again this can be waved off of your overall billing if you choose to use our services.


  • If this is a new project and the status of your site development STATS takes more than a reasonable amount of time, such as there is no concrete established plan and / or plans keep switching and switching, then we will have no choice to charge for our time in the re-quotes that are presented. Our plan though is trying to avoid unnecessary quotes, and re-quotes, by getting all of our facts the first time.

We aren’t going to nickel and dime you, but our time is valuable to the team and allotment to go over existing projects has to be scheduled and that time is of value for us just as it is for your business.

Our Coffee Web Design Team looks forward to your business and proving that we are a great team to work with and give you a final product that you will be happy with.


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