According to the recent analytics for the top search interests for people in the U.S., we found out more people are wanting to get out more and finding ways through searches for equipment!

What do top searches mean for retailers?

Well if you are a small retailer or a mom and pop shop, this would be of interest to you and what to sell, by what consumers are looking for.

Top 10 searches this month in retail

According to Think With Google, the following are the top ten searches within this month.

  1. Swimming poolsup by 300% in online searches. Seems everyone wants to take a dip since the weather is warming up and want to get out of the house, but within social distancing. If you are or have considered selling swimming pools, now is the time that you should see those sales go up.
  2. Golf Bag Accessories up by 200% – We see an online prediction here and what better way to ‘set up your game’ than to buy from a retailer who sells Golf Accessories!
  3. Water park and Slides! up by 200%– Did we say warmer weather is coming! Summer is almost here! Get these families ready with your retailing of yard water parks and slides!
  4. Sneeze Guards up by 200% – Well we didn’t think about the summer on this one, but we did a double thought and said sure! Allergy season is here, now! Customers are looking, so start selling!
  5. Evaporative Coolers up by 200% – See the trend here! Summer is fast approaching!
  6. Outdoor Umbrellas and Shade Accessories! up by 200% – Hot topic cause while kids play, parents need the cooling downtime, or kids will need a cool down from the pools and Water park slides above!
  7. Neck Gaiters up by 200% – If you don know what a neck gaiter is – it’s a tube-like scarf around your neck and can be pulled up as a mask. Go ask any biker!
  8. Outdoor Umbrellas and Sunshades up by 200% – To go along with the Umbrella accessories they were looking online to purchase!
  9. Party Streamers and Curtains up by 200% – We won’t ask why just turn on your locations on your smartphones!
  10. Pool Covers and Ground cloths up 200%  – You know, cause they just bought a pool and summer isn’t quite here yet!

We hope you had fun reading some of our mentions of the top 10 retail searches this month!

If you don’t have an online store yet, contact us so we can help you with setting one up. If you have one already, you can go to Think with Google and stock up on the latest monthly search trends!


The Coffee Team

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