What exactly is a Push Notification? Why you should be using them?

Push Notifications or Message pop-ups are a correspondence channel incorporated with each cell phone sold today.

  • Pop-up messages are the first and frequently most significant correspondences channel utilized by applications.
  • About each major application utilizes message pop-ups for exchanges and re-commitment.
  • Pop-up message innovation is quickly advancing from a straightforward message conveyance framework to a rich and intelligent medium.

Clients today make some hard memories recollecting what applications they even have on their gadget. Message pop-ups help these administrations convey opportune and important data to clients, and in doing as such, remaining top of their mind.

An ongoing report indicated that versatile clients get a normal of 63.5 warnings every day, with most notices originating from informing and email applications.

Message pop-ups ( or Push notifications ) are basically a method for making clients aware of data that they have subscribed to from applications and administrations. Notices envelop about each conceivable use case and sort of administration, including different interchanges mediums like email, SMS, and VoIP.

One of the best notification tools out there to run on any devise and multitude of browsers is called One Signal. This is great for WordPress user web sites too. We have been using this for years and the best part about it…its all they dedicate on doing. They have even kept up with the oh so rapidly evolving in technology.

There are three basic types of Push Notifications that people use most frequently. Do any of these fit the type of messages your viewers could benefit from?

One Signal has the tools to either allow you to send certain push notifications to your users depending on the type you need for your audience or business. Even interaction with WordPress sites, which is why we like them so much.

Transactional Notifications

Set automated messages triggered by events – such as a package in transit or abandoned cart. Transactional notifications build trust and nudge users to complete actions.

System Notifications

Let your users know about new features and opportunities, such as product launches, breaking news, and holiday discounts. These usually go out as massive blasts to a wide audience. ( This is the one most common for WordPress users)

User Notifications

Let users know when another user, seller, or reader messages them. These are especially relevant for social networking apps, dating apps, marketplaces, and any sites that allow comments.

What is the best way to use Push Notifications?

Got to play nice in the sandbox! There is an etiquette on the web and us developers are held to certain standards. 

A key component of message pop-ups is that clients must select in to getting them. Given the quantity of warnings most clients get, numerous clients decide to quit accepting increasingly except if there is a convincing an incentive to the notices.

Keep giving your audience a reason to be engaged in your notifications! 


  • Sign up for notifications on sales done at your location.
  • Delivery or pick up locations for items when they arrive.
  • News that is for your local area.
  • Parents or support groups information or opportunities.
  • Subscription for family and friends of a personal blog.
  • The list goes on and on!

Some of the features One Signal has:

  • Mobile Push Notifications
  • Web Push (which is what we use in WordPress)
  • Email ( this comes in with a built in builder with Drag n drop tools)
  • In-App (great for using targeted audiences and comes with Analytics to see engagements)
  • And last but such a great tool is their preview tool! This is such a great way to see how easy this system is to use too!


In conclusion, if you have a WordPress site and need help setting up push notifications for your site, let us know by contacting us. One signal is the one we recommend to get this done for you.

You can see more about One Signal Push Notifications and think of the possibilities for your place of business, personal and family uses.




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