What is recommended on how to secure your WordPress site.

There could be nothing more important for your site than to secure it. Security has reached an all-time high as sites, servers, shopping carts are continuously trying to be hacked. Login to the dashboard of your WordPress wite and make sure you have security installed. And/or buy an SSL certificate and have it installed on your domain to keep your site secure. If you have these in place, great for you!

If you haven’t purchased an SSL with your hosting provider, then think about doing so at this critical time.

What security plugins are best to monitor your WordPress site?

The best security plugins we have found are Wordfence and Sucuri.


Wordfence is the leader in securing WordPress. We are the makers of the Wordfence plugin with over 4 million active installs, we publish ground-breaking threat research related to WordPress, and we provide excellence in customer support for small, medium, and large WordPress websites where security is imperative.

They do have both a free and premium version. You can compare all of their versions and see which one is right for you.

They also do malware removal for your WordPress site.

Their learning center is easy to understand and gives you steps on how to secure your WordPress site.

We have been using Wordfence on sites for years now. You can, or you can assign someone (by their email) to give notifications, and which notifications you want to receive from your site security monitoring.



We have found lighter but most effective website protection with Sucuri on many sites we have done.

Sucuri allows a more simplistic approach and suggestions for securing your site.

Sucuri scans your website for malware and hacks with blacklisting capabilities. You receive website monitoring with alerts and daily updates. One thing we like about Sucuri is it allows an administrator viewable changes on their site, login information of access, time, and dates, so administrators and keep up with who had access (including yourself) and what / where changes were made on a site, including, new posts, edting a post or page, etc. This is a great tool if you have others working on your site and keep up with progressions by monitoring.

They also have a FREE site checker, which is a very powerful tool to make sure your site has not been hacked. If so they do provide services to clean up your hacked site for you

Secure Hosting for WordPress

WE know, we know, there are so many to choose from. We suggest your site and domains, especially for WordPress sites, are on the best hosting that is secure as well.

We became partners with GoDaddy because they upgraded to the latest on secure servers. We are Secure Hosting WP. The dashboard is easy to use and you can delegate us full access (except for private info, like payment information and pin identification} so we can log in to your site to help you with any account information, help secure your site, or log in to your site if needed.

We can not change any of your account information, PIN, or see any of your payment information.

What we did was make sure our clients always have 24-hour support if needed, we can call on your behalf if needed to resolve any issues (we have done this for years)

Some hosting packages have an SSL included which secures your site even more.

Really Simple SSL PLugin

We have found this useful if you have an SSL to connect it to your site easily. If your hosting on Secure Hosting WP has an SSL with your package and domain, then this is the simplest way to install an SSL on your site.

Who needs an SSL on their site?
  • Everyone.
  • Especially those with membership logins
  • Shopping carts (you need this no matter what payment gateway you have)
  • Any site that links to another secured site
  • Any site that wants to rank higher in search engine results


I hope this post really helps with simplifying security for your WordPress site. This should be number 1 on your list of what you need for your WordPress site.

If you are unsure, need assistance with this, then simply Contact Us and we will look into it for you or help make your site more secure.

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