Hosting and Domains

What comes first with hosting and domains that we recommend?

Steps in Hosting and Domains

  • First, you have to have a domain
  • You select the best Hosting for your needs (see options below)
  • Then you can start building your site in a day or contact us to build one for you.
  • If you already have an existing site we can transfer over your site to your new host.
WordPres Hosting

Secure Hosting WP – cPanel hosting for the best solutions for a WordPress site.

Secure WordPress Hosting

Secure Hosting WP contains everything you need to have your domains and hosting all in the same place. We partnered up with all-new fast servers within the GoDaddy system. So if you are looking for 24 / 7 support, this is for you.

Since we partnered with them, then you can also grant us full access to help you with hosting needs when required.

Fast and reliable cPanel hosting is what we recommend for any WordPress installation. They also have business hosting, VPS hosting, and more. You can also get free SSL’s with some of the cPanel hosting and the business hosting will secure all sites in your hosting so you don’t have to worry about getting that SSL for each domain, and domain transfers have specials like transfer for $8 and get a year free! See Secure Hosting WP for details on specials.

If you choose Secure Hosting WP, you can sign up for notifications as a reminder for updates in your WordPress site and security warnings they post. This is very convenient if you are managing your own WordPress site.

Get Started with Secure Hosting WP for WordPress hosted sites.

Green Hosting with Green Geeks!

We are also partnered with the fastest and most reliable eco-friendly green hosting by Green Geeks. 24/7 support and easy to use. They can transfer over your domain plus transfer your existing WordPress site over to your new hosting account. See the site for restriction details. 

For the best solution for WordPress design, you will need to choose HOSTING > Web Hosting, and choose the PRO or PREMIUM packages for maximum results.

They also have Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting.

Green WordPress Hosting

Get Started with Fast and Green Hosting  for WordPress sites.

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