Over the next few months, we want to make sure your admin status in your site is to YOUR administrative email. When we have to set up a WordPress site and start to develop and design, we use our administrative email to get in and get to work. We want to make sure that your website is changed to your administrative email, as it should be. We can remain an administrator on your site to help you, provide support, and insert content on your site or changes.

Verifying Administrative Control

When we go in and set this to your email address, this is what will happen:

  1. You will be sent an email from your site asking you to verify your administrative email. You will have to click on the link and login to your WordPress site (if you forgot your user name just use your email address) then it will set your administrative email to Settings > General and nothing else to do. If you forgot your password you can prompt to reset your password on the login page to your site.

Security Updates

When we install a site we set up security with plugins to your site. These run 24 / 7 and send us notifications of brute force attacks, someone trying to log into your site, plugins, or updates that are past due in your WordPress site (could cause s security risk). We get these daily and weekly summaries of where attacks and how many are coming from where. We have monitored this as a courtesy to our clients for years. Since this can be overwhelming at times, and we feel our clients should be aware of what is going on we have decided to let the notifications go directly to you for the following reasons:

  1. Keeps you updated on updates that need to be done on your site. If you already subscribe for us to do monthly updates, then great! We are working monthly to make that still happen for you. If you want to do the updates yourself, then this is a great way to remind you to do so or you can contact us for a monthly subscription to do this for you.
  2. informs you of attacks being done on your site and can be set for daily notifications or a weekly summary. By default, we set it for daily if we have been monitoring your site security. If you would like to cut down on notifications, just contact us so we can make the adjustments for you.

We will be updating the notifications to be sent to the administration email that you have for your site. We do have monitoring services available at a monthly fee. If you choose to use this service, so we can dedicate one staff to monitor this on a daily basis. We will have the option to purchase this service coming soon on our site.

Sometimes plugins running constantly (like security) tend to slow down a WordPress site. Choosing your hosting provider to provide security can help speed up a WordPress site.
If you choose to do it that way, we can uninstall security plugins running straight from your WordPress site which can help speed up your site once that is complete.
If you choose NOT to have your hosting provider do this for you, and keep the security in your WordPress site (and it is running slow) then you may have to upgrade your hosting to accommodate a plugin running 24 / 7. Just let us know by contacting us to guide you.

Plugins you are NOT using

Time to clean house! outdated or plugins you have installed on your site that you are NOT using, it is highly recommended that you remove these.

  1. For security reasons
  2. Could speed up your site if they are running constantly
  3. Plugins you are not using still are running in the background (checking on updates) and could slow down your site.
  4. If there are plugins that haven’t been updated in years, remove these after finding a better solution to replace them that is up to date and keeps you up to date on updates for you.


We will post new information soon about changes in hosting that you need to know about WordPress.

The Coffee Team



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