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About Coffee Web Design

About us – Coffee Web Design formed as a team of members in Hendersonville, North Carolina who have background experience in graphic design and web development. In collaboration with the expert project management from CWebArt, Coffee Web Design is able to take the education and background experience of web design, graphic designers, web development, WordPress knowledge, marketing, SEO, social media and business consultations and make these web services available to local and other businesses across the United States.

The Coffee Web Design team is formed by a local group of young inspired team members that education and backgrounds in design and marketing. The team goals are to help the smaller businesses have a good start in making the web presence know on the internet to local viewers and those in the U.S. at an affordable price.

The Baristas of Web Design

We love doing what we do! Great team that adds up to  experience you need to make your web site stand out from the rest of WordPress sites!

Carlos took 4 years of art in high school. He has the artisitc eye for good layouts, colors and design. He is an experienced tech guy that likes building gaming computers in his spare time. He is top notch when it comes to layouts for close up photography images for businesses. He plays several musical instruments, likes to hike, gaming and hanging out with like minded friends on days off.


Head Honcho, Coffee Web Design

Heath is one of the first team members who has the knack of great brainstorming about the business and on projects. You need someone to research and present? Yes, Heath is the guy! He is experienced in content management and ecommerce solutions such as Woo-commerce for WordPress. He studied graphic design and gaming art design at Blue Ridge Community College. Heath likes great outdoor adventures, camping, and gaming. He enjoys working on cars too and building a homestead.


Content Development, Coffee Web Design

Cheyenne has experience in art with free style drawing and taking still art and making a masterpiece out of it. She is certified in electrical engineering and is a young mother of 2. She enjoys spending time with her children and most of the time works on a finished design and putting content on your site.


Content Developer / Design, Coffee Web Design

Lyn is the project manager who has been in the web business since 2001. She is the training behind all of our staff  in web site design and development. She is the one that gets the creative itch behind many designs and works between staff and clients. She is the one who has the experience and will quote you the best affordable price. She enjoys motorcycle riding, all different types of music and outdoor time gardening.


Project Manager / Designer, Coffee Web Design

What we do

We design in WordPress and have clients all over the country. Because of the flexibility and custom needs for our clients, WordPress is the favored platform to use for over one-third of World Wide clients. 

WordPress Design

We build all sites in WordPress. We use a theme that is highly customizable and responsive on devices.

Design Brand Identity

Making your brand stand out from other WordPress site designs. You want it as unique as your logo and branding.

Web Site Development

Creating a function web site with what you need for your online business. Making it easy for you to manage.

Search Engine Optimization

Every site that we design we submit to Google to index and monitor. We can also do SEO on your site for higher rankings.

Responsive Designs

Every site we design has to be in compliance with search engine guidelines. We make all designs responsive to devices.



All WordPress – as well as other platforms – need to be updated to keep up with requirements and security. Each site we design will include security for WordPress.

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