Google Photos is probably one of the most useful photo resources you can use. Mainly for its powerful automatic backup feature. Since you probably already have a Google account, getting set up will be easy.

Sometimes we have events or family outings where we have a multitude of photos we want to share on social media or for others to download. If you have a Google account, you can store your photos directly into your Google Drive under Google Photos.

You can access it on the web at or simply download one of the free Google Photos apps to automatically upload all photos you take with your devices. They’ll all be synced up across your account and accessible from anywhere. Look for the Google Photos icon in your Google Apps.

You can also use Google Photos to edit your photos, organize them according to people/places/things and share them online even with non-Google Photos users. The more you use Google Photos, the more it learns about your photo habits. It can take some of the manual work off your back by automatically organizing your photos for you.

Best for:

Automatically backing up photos that you take, uploading large quantities, uploading high-quality photos, editing them, organizing them, and finding them again later using visual search.

Max image size/storage:

Unlimited free storage for photos taken by smartphones and point-and-shoot cameras (16 megapixels or less) plus the option to alternatively use your limited storage space from your Google account for photos taken by DSLR cameras. You can also upload videos in 1080p HD.

By using Google Photos in your google account, you can share with others so they can download their favorite photos!

We found this video tutorial that shows a lot of the features that also comes in the Google Photos Feature.

Login to your Google Account and click here to go to Google Photos

We hope this helps understanding of how you can take advantage of this great tool for storing your photos!

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