We have all had this problem from time to time, you know the spam in our inboxes that seem to accumulate for no reason over night! This can be a cause from several things or all things combined.

Causes of spam can be from clicking on a link that is a virus, adding your email address to one account and having it sold, shared or collected for other intentional purposes, like other web sites who buy email addresses to…..(drum roll) ..send out spam.

It happens and unless you want a totally blocked email address and white-list every email that you only allow in, there are certain things you can do to cut back and avoid spam as much as possible. If you have a growing business, you have other things to do besides having to filter email.

Problem is when you have spam coming in, having an email set up to filter out spam or ability to report it IS important. Remember that if you don’t report spam, it will keep coming into your email, no matter who is your email service provider. Once you start reporting them, you will start to see them slowly dwindle.

Here are 7 ways of Getting Rid of Spam Forever

…and have recommended these to others for years 

1. Sign up for Gmail. Gmail actively works on your behalf to reduce the unwanted email that appears in your inbox by identifying prolific producers of spam and sending messages from those producers directly to your spam folder. Google recently added a “Promotions” folder to Gmail that filters messages that are clearly advertisements—but may actually be offers you want to see—and sorts them into this folder to allow you easy access to these offers while keeping them out of your inbox. Gmail also offers businesses the ability to use the Gmail service with the business’s own domain name, so Gmail’s effective spam filters are available for both business and personal accounts.

2. Unsubscribe buttons work. Well, they work for reputable companies, anyway. Here’s a helpful tip: When you follow the unsubscribe link, make sure you unsubscribe from all the emails you wish to block. It’s not uncommon for folks to click on the link and then have to take an additional step or two to actually fully unsubscribe.

3. Blacklist obvious spammers. Blacklists permanently block emails from selected senders or servers. Some email programs use blacklists already, but you can find lists (like the DNS Blacklist) that will help you identify additional domains that are known to generate spam. Once you blacklist a domain, server or sender, those senders simply can’t contact you.

4. Use a spam filter. Seriously, I’m shocked at how few people actually use software that’s designed to specifically solve the problem that so many of us complain about. For less than $30, you can get the highest rated spam filters like SPAMfighter Pro and MailWasher Pro. These programs are designed to offer both flexibility and comprehensive protection.

5. Report spam. If you have Gmail and spend the few seconds that it takes to report a spam message, Gmail will work to address the problem behind the scenes. Consider it community service—you’re spending a little bit of time to make the world a better place.

Last Resorts –

Meaning there are 5 above to try first to see if this helps.

These five tips will resolve the vast majority of issues that the average user will encounter, but there are times when that’s not good enough and you still find yourself inundated with spam that inhibits your productivity. In that case, here are two final tips to use when every other action has failed. These measures should only be taken as last resorts, because they’re likely to have some problematic side effects.

6. Use your own filters. If you’re plagued by spam that’s preventing you from efficiently accessing the messages that you really need, then you can create your own spam filters. You can create a key list of addresses and send every message that doesn’t come from one of those addresses to your spam folder. The drawback here is that you’re eventually going to miss messages you may actually want or need. The solution is to regularly look through your spam folder and make sure there aren’t any messages that need your attention. It’s also important to keep that key address list updated so new contacts get sent to your regular email inbox.

7. Change your email. This measure is another drastic one, but sometimes it’s the only way to absolutely ensure that your email address is secure and won’t be flooded with spam. I recommend this measure for folks whose email has been repeatedly hacked or is hopelessly inundated with junk mail. You’ll want to notify your regular correspondents of the change and ensure that any support staff has your updated contact information. You want to be accessible, but only to the right folks.

Source American Express – 7 Ways To Get Rid Of Spam Forever

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