That’s right, when it comes to search engine rankings and your site is climbing the ladder of the search engine gurus, you will notice a slight increase in SEO emails. This means people are starting to follow your rankings and want a piece of your wallet.

Recently we found out, when a client sent an email to show us, that ‘if you purchase SEO with our team today, you will save on shipping charges” WHAT?? Since when does SEO come in a box?

Why do companies send you emails after your web site goes public?

Its a business period. They want a piece of the action and will resort to telling you things to make money. Not saying that some companies are legit, however with your own SEO strategies you can climb that search engine yourself….out of the box!

We let our customers know in advance, that emails like this will take place. This just means you are climbing, being indexed and ranked.

Do SEO emails stop when you get to the top?

No absolutely it doesn’t stop.  We have to give kudos tho to them trying to make money on internet businesses. We have to look at it this way….they are helping you climb by just visiting your site and contacting you through your online business forms.

Thanks Guys!



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