If you have a WordPress site and you haven’t been using the Yoast SEO tool, you should be doing that. Yoast is a significant tool that has helped many with understanding SEO. We recommend you use that tool to help you as a guideline to SEO for your site. Especially a WordPress site.

Why Yoast for SEO?

That being said Yoast keeps up with new search engine guidelines and their updates Like the new Google SEO Guideline standards just released. This is especially important when they have changed over the past few years and it says a lot about their reputation in development of their product for WordPress SEO plugins!

Today, Nov 20th, 2015, Yoast released an update and you need to  recalculate the scores on your site. Yoast of course gives you the tools to do this with! When you login to your administrative area, you will see the update notice in your WordPress Dashboard (after the update is installed). It will prompt you to update and analize your scores. One click and wait for Yoast SEO to do the rest. This is them keeping up with the updates from search engine requirements after the recent Google release while search engines are looking for quality of content.

Yoast released today:

Google Quality Rater guidelines

Google employs a group of people who manually rate their search result on a continuous basis. A feedback loop to tell them whether specific changes worked, whether some sits are spammy, etc etc. They give these raters a set of guidelines to work with. These guidelines were leaked before, but now Google has decided to just publish them publicly.


Leave it to Yoast to keep up with the requirements of search engines and providing such a quality tool for SEO for WordPress users! If you need us to look over or install Yoast on your WordPress site, contact us.

Yoast also provides professional SEO services as well at a reasonable price for SEO.

Take a few minutes and recalculate your SEO in WordPress

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