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Pricing…You would be surprised at how affordable we can make your website!

At Coffee Web Design our pricing is quoted by the individual needs of our clients. No two websites are the same and we don’t do cookie cutter graphic design for our clients. We want you to stand out from the rest. Pricing for a  Coffee Web Design is not as expensive as you might think. Pricing depends on the needs of your website and maintenance depends on what the price is.  We want to get you seen and stay within your budget!

To find out our pricing, the only thing you need to do is get started and get a free quote from us.

Lets Get Started!

What we do for the pricing to start you off right!

  • Complete set up and installation for all the elements you need and want for your web site.
  • Original Design, just for your branding and appeal to your type of audience on the web.
  • Make all design and web sites compliance with search engine standards.
  • Security monitoring to keep your site safe 24 / 7.

*Depending on your needs for hosting, prices may vary.

Not sure yet?

Not quite sure where to start? Want something specific and don’t see it on our list? Not a problem! Just ask us and get your free quote!

Coffee Web Design suggests that all web sites we create be responsive in design. Meaning it adapts to whatever mobile device you are using in any position you are using it in. Our prices include a responsive theme for WordPress sites.

Pricing and Billing Options – We ARE affordable!

We accept payments by cash, check, money order or credit cards through PayPal®. Payments are billed monthly or can be billed several months at a time. We also accept Bill Me Later® though PayPal®. Buy up front and make payments to PayPal®.

If you would like a quote for full payment on a web site project, we can do that too. No monthly payments apply then. 

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Check out the other pricing Brews we offer!

Our Hourly Brew

You may need help with social media, SEO, or adding content to your site. Coffee Web Design can do this and other updates to your site starting at our low rate of $45 per hour with a 1 hour min fee. 4 hours or more we can discount that rate. We make good of our hourly brew though by getting as much work done and completed in the allotted time. We will let you know in advance and quote you how many hours it will take to get your brew done.

Graphic Design

Let us know what you need for graphic design. We can charge hourly or by the project. We can give you a quote by getting started.

Web Design

Web design is how your web site will look to your viewing audience. With a combination of colors and design determines how your clients and audience will be captured. Have that vision in mind of how you want your business to appear? This can be done strategically by using a combination of colors and web development.

Graphic Design Services

Graphic design services can be any graphic for print materials, business cards, your business branding or logo, CD Jewel Cases and CD / DVD s to full business print packages. I have even had fun making backstage drops for concerts and entertainment.



Depending on your needs we want to find the best hosting at an affordable price.

Things that may determine your hosting needs:

How large is your site going to be now and in the future.

Will you stay with your current hosting or need new hosting now or in the future?

If you already have current hosting, will it support a WordPress platform for installation and / or function.

What type of support does hosting give (hosting has its own support system)

Are there extra fees with hosting (some hosting companies require extra fees to add mail accounts and little extras, while others provide unlimited). Tell us these details so we can recommend the one that is right for you and the best price.


What type of hosting we do / do not recommend:

Cheaper is NOT always better when it comes to hosting. We know the track records of reliable hosting companies over the years, so we want to find you affordable hosting that is reliable and the best bang for your money. Depending on what your personal or business needs are can have an effect on what type of hosting you need. If you already have hosting that is reliable and affordable, we won’t try and sell you web hosting.



Custom Themes

Customizing your theme

– Not a problem! Lets get started!

Many premade themes come with a selection of already premade theme colors to choose from. However some of you want things a little different, colors or background, just want to stand out from the others. Not a problem.

Found that theme that you love but want us to do the customization for it? What different colors or background? Need it tweaked so that it reflects the custom look and feel of your business? We can help you with that.

Fee for customizing an already premade theme is a small $25 per hour with a 2 hour min. Thats it!

*This is for design customization only (colors, backgrounds etc)

Custom themes

We do custom themes that are entirely yours! No other like ti and all of them will be responsive themes. Prices start at $250 and this includes logo and custom images and graphics for your theme.

Add the cream and lots of sugar!

Ok so you decided you want a web site and you want a little extra on your site. Maybe a calendar, ability to upload, manage files, galleries, slide shows, and online ecommerce store, online calendar, you want more of the works! Not a problem.

Tell us what you need and we will ask for the specifics to make sure we get the right things you need for your web site.

Some additional things you might need (don’t hesitate to ask, there are so many that can be added to your site)

Event Calendar

Email forms for employees

Online newsletter

Slide show gallery



Video, music, uploads

Ecommerce store

Social media look (images for the look and feel for Facebook, twitter, etc)


Membership web sites

Paypal shopping items

Just ask, the list goes on and if you need something specific, we will do our research and find what is best that you are happy with on your web site.





Other Web Design Experiences

Coffee Web Design team has experience in different design and web development experience. With the variety of web platforms and content management systems on the internet, it is important that we let you know of our experience.

WordPress Themes

Godaddy Web builder


Responsive themes






Just ask…we will get one of our designers right on your project.


Responsive Themes

Web sites have to be responsive now for the following reasons:

  • The rate of people using mobile devices to surf the web is at a growing rate everyday!
  • Paper directories for business listings will be eliminated in the future to keep up with technology advancements and environmentally a safe alternative to list your business.
  • Some major search engines rank you higher depending on the responsive layout of your web site and if it is coded to respond to different mobile devices.

Make sure your site is built the right way by using Coffee Web Design Services. Our pricing includes all responsive themes for WordPress sites.

Why does Coffee Web Design recommend WordPress?

Not all of sites we design are WordPress sites however we recommend WordPress due to the following reasons.

Pricing to build a content management system would increase if built on its own. WordPress eliminates that costs by being an out of the box content management system to start with.

WordPress can be customized in needs and wants of clients with minimal costs.

Security and updates are being done by staff and volunteers based on the needs of internet security.

Most hosting supports WordPress applications.

In case of moving content, WordPress makes it easier to export and import content  with more ease than custom built CMS.


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