I recently received a phone call that my “internet service provider called them and I have a stream of malware going into your laptop”. Really?? Oh my! This type of call would scare anyone! What is really going on here?

Ok so which laptop is this malware on?? They couldn’t tell me but asked how many did I have. Well first of all its none of their business how many laptops or computers I am running. Second, so tell me how come you know I am receiving malware of viruses through my computer?? “Because your internet service provider called and said that you do, if you go to your computer I can show you”

I wasn’t at my computer (at this point I have to keep the conversation going to find out what their deal is and how to help others). So you are saying this malware and viruses are on my computer now??

“yes! If you go to your computer I will show you”

Well if you  tell me where to look, I can look myself!

“No I have to give you a link to go to show you”

STOP right there! If anyone calls and says this to you, do NOT do it! This is either one or two things. One, they are sending you a link that will infect your computer or two, they can hack into your computer. DO NOT Do THIS!

What to do if these people call you!

Hang up! Do not fall prey to this kind of ridiculous scam.

When in doubt??

I ended the call by simply saying…….

I can always call my internet service provider directly to see if this is true. most can see if their is something fishy going on and most providers monitor traffic anyway.

I told them I have been doing this kind of business for over a decade and I know exactly what I need to do in case I have suspicions!

Then I hung up!

So if in doubt, there are always ways of checking your own system for malware and viruses.

We recommend malwarebytes to check to see if you have any malware and remove them from your system.

We recommend Avast for firewall and virus protection.

Then last to keep your equipment running smooth, we recommend CCleaner.

If you keep up with your equipment and make a schedule of maintenance on your system, you should be good for years to come…….oh and don’t fall for the foolish games that spammers are playing!

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