Many people are using MailChimp® as their preference of newsletter tools for sharing content with their audience. MailChimp® not only has a friendly user interface but it also has the ability to manage and generate code to put on your website so that others can subscribe to your news.

Here are easy step by step instructions on how to generate that code in MailChimp to embed this on your web site for subscribers.

Step one login to your MailChimp Account

You must first create a list to manage your subscribers in this “list”.

You can create the design of your form by going to List > Signup Forms > General forms option and design your form there.

Once this is finished, lets get the embed code that you need for your site.

Step 1 – Go to Lists in the top menu > To the right of the list you created > Click Stats


Step 2 > Click Signup forms

Step 3 Click Embedded forms


Step 4 has a sub menu of forms > Click these sub menus to select which one you want on your site. Selecting your options gives you a code that you want to use. Copy and paste this code into your web site.

See “Classic” example

See “Super Slim” Example


You can always check “enable reCAPTCHA” for more security on your forms and weed out potential spambot signups on your forms. Which we suggest.

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