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Coffee Web Design would like to help you in ways by presenting Fresh Brewed News for you. News of specials in web design, graphic design and web develop specials that we have from time to time. now when it comes to WordPress, not only do we have a few tricks up our sleeves but we also find great news from other WordPress resources! We might find a great theme or plugin we think our clients might be interested in learning about. yes , find it right here in our news! Fresh Brewed!

Fresh Brewed News from Coffee Web Design

Google releases new standards

Its been awhile since we found out some of the new standards Google has on how people will do searches. Its all about experimentation, how things work and trial and error to find out how they really want their standards for web sites. This is according to studies done...

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Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

If your are using Worpress , you want a really good SEO plugin to help you rank your site and give you the tools for SEO to help the beginners in SEO and advanced. So you really want to get your Wordpress web site into the search engines and want to do everything...

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Phone Calls about Malware and Viruses

I recently received a phone call that my "internet service provider called them and I have a stream of malware going into your laptop". Really?? Oh my! This type of call would scare anyone! What is really going on here? Ok so which laptop is this malware on?? They...

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Best practices for contact on your web site

There are a couple of ways that are best practice for companies and clients to contact you on your web site. You want to weed out spammers and junk contacts as much as possible. We know you have an online business and don't have the time or energy to deal with spam or...

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SEO in a Box!

That's right, when it comes to search engine rankings and your site is climbing the ladder of the search engine gurus, you will notice a slight increase in SEO emails. This means people are starting to follow your rankings and want a piece of your wallet. Recently we...

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Watch for Spam Emails on Domains

There are just some companies out there that won't stop when it comes to spam emails and taking advantage of others. You need to recognize what is spam email and what is not. When you register your domain, you set up an account with a registrar. Once a year or several...

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Black Friday Specials 2014

Coffee Web Design has its first Black Friday Specials Early! We know this isn't everyday we get to offer a web special like this, but gear up for getting a Black Friday special deal from our Coffee Web Design team. Special is until December 7th, 2014 Get a starter web...

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If you think you have some new NEWS for us? Let Coffee Web Design know by contacting us! We as a developing team feel there is an endless means of possibilities out there when it comes to pro-founding web designs and development. No one person knows everything. So if you have a great product, plugin or thought about development, or a great service to offer and would like to collaborate with our Coffee Web Design team, just give us a shout. Coffee Web Design team works well with others and is always interested in collaborating with others so that we have mutual happy clients.


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