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Coffee Web Design would like to help you in ways by presenting Fresh Brewed News for you. News of specials in web design, graphic design and web develop specials that we have from time to time. now when it comes to WordPress, not only do we have a few tricks up our sleeves but we also find great news from other WordPress resources! We might find a great theme or plugin we think our clients might be interested in learning about. yes , find it right here in our news! Fresh Brewed!

Fresh Brewed News from Coffee Web Design

Web Design for Color Blindness

When developing a site design, we at Coffee Web Design take into account people who have color blindness and make recommendations on site designs and colors keeping this in mind. We have to remember that people have different optical views when viewing their computer...

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How to add a link in WordPress

When adding a new link in your Wordpress pages or posts, there are a couple of different ways to do this and two things to consider. Rule of thumb on creating a link in Wordpress Is the link Internal? Is this link going to link to another page or post that you have on...

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How to Use Google Photos

Sometimes we have events or family outings where we have a multitude of photos we want to share on social media or for others to download. if you have a Google account, you can store your photos directly into your Google Drive under Google Photos. Google Photos is...

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Why we use Divi by Elegant Themes

Thats right...we went all Divi! Some of us at Coffee web design have been in the web business for 15 years or more, doing web design. Our favorite theme to use and convert sites to is the Divi theme by Elegant Themes and we will get to why in a minute. Our designer...

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Learn WordPress and be Independent!

Kicking off the month of July after a national recognition of our independence day, we are now offering training for Wordpress so that you can to become independent in managing your Wordpress site. Maybe you have thought about a new web site and heard about Wordpress...

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9 Resolutions for an Online Business for 2016!

Everyone is always looking forward to this part of a New Year and all of the resolutions we make in personal and business! Now is the time to really remember to include your online business when making those goals. New Year Resolutions for web thoughts: Make sure your...

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If you think you have some new NEWS for us? Let Coffee Web Design know by contacting us! We as a developing team feel there is an endless means of possibilities out there when it comes to pro-founding web designs and development. No one person knows everything. So if you have a great product, plugin or thought about development, or a great service to offer and would like to collaborate with our Coffee Web Design team, just give us a shout. Coffee Web Design team works well with others and is always interested in collaborating with others so that we have mutual happy clients.


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