Difference between Facebook Pages and Groups?

Difference between Facebook Pages and Groups?

Simple explanation of the difference in Facebook “pages” or “group” to help you decide what is best for your business.

So you have your web site and you now are setting up your social media pages to help in marketing. You can’t decide which to set up on Facebook, a Group or a Page.

Maybe you don’t have a web site but want to have a part of Facebook where you can share information, ideas and discussion with others?

Lets see if we can help you decide quickly and what is best for your needs.

What is a Facebook Page?

Creating a Facebook Page for yourself or business, means that you are going to provide all of the information, specials, products, services for your “followers” to see. You are in control of the content on your Facebook “page”. You can assign additional administrators to help post new content, upload photos, share links etc. on your FB “page”. Perople can leave comments on the information YOU provide to your audience.

What is a Facebook Group?

Creating a Facebook Group allows your followers to participate in content being posted in that “group”. Settings in a group allow content to be approved first, but this is an interactive page between you and followers. they can “post” , upload photos, share URLs, create albums and more in interaction within your group. You can set a group to public viewing or a private group (though yes, FB can see anything private).

You can create both however this might get a little muggy when maintaining.

We hope this is a simple and straight forward explanation for before deciding which is best for your personal or business needs when creating a Facebook Page or Group!

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Creating a Facebook Page for Business

Creating a Facebook Page for Business

Simple step by step instructions and features to set up a Facebook™ business page for your business, entertainment or services. This will get you started and show you tools available that you can use for a Facebook™ page for business.


Creating a Facebook business page – Lets get started!


From your personal account click on the drop down arrow in the top blue menu


Select “Create a Page”  (see the difference between a PAGE and a GROUP)


Facebook business page step 1










Then Select which best describes the category your Facebook page will go into















Finally, Select a sub-category (if prompted) and fill in any information needed to start your page set up















Follow any steps that you need (each category is different) to continue to set up your page




How to design and use tools in your Facebook business page


How to find your page that you created?



Click on the down arrow in the upper right of the Facebook menu. Select which “page” you want to go to (some people are set as administrators of many pages so if you do not see your page, you would want to select “see more”)


You can view messages left on pages managed here too!




Facebook business page step 4






Change your page images by clicking on any of the camera icons on the page.


Write something so your audience and followers can see by clicking next you to icon and “write something” You can also publish URLs here to share information that will drive your audience back to your web site for sales and information!










Facebook business page step 5






There are easy to use tools that you can use for your followers






Facebook business page step 6




See the weekly analytics of how your page is doing with viewers! The more you share your page and likes you get, the more you will see these numbers change.






Facebook business page step 7






See reviews that people leave for your page. Encourage your FB viewers to leave their reviews, though an ultimate guide would have them leave them on your web site for products and services you offer.


You can edit any information on your page by viewing icons or edit links to help provide all the best information for your business. The more complete your profile looks…the better! 


Use the side menu, add a call to action button for people to use, change your information and category as your business changes.








Facebook business page final step




How to create a Facebook business URL


Many people would like their own URL for Facebook so to create your own, under GENERAL (see image above) > edit – will prompt you to create your own to share on other sites, friends and associates.


We hope this was a simple way of explaining how to set up and use your Facebook business page to get your started!


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