SEO in a Box!

SEO in a Box!

That’s right, when it comes to search engine rankings and your site is climbing the ladder of the search engine gurus, you will notice a slight increase in SEO emails. This means people are starting to follow your rankings and want a piece of your wallet.

Recently we found out, when a client sent an email to show us, that ‘if you purchase SEO with our team today, you will save on shipping charges” WHAT?? Since when does SEO come in a box?

Why do companies send you emails after your web site goes public?

Its a business period. They want a piece of the action and will resort to telling you things to make money. Not saying that some companies are legit, however with your own SEO strategies you can climb that search engine yourself….out of the box!

We let our customers know in advance, that emails like this will take place. This just means you are climbing, being indexed and ranked.

Do SEO emails stop when you get to the top?

No absolutely it doesn’t stop.  We have to give kudos tho to them trying to make money on internet businesses. We have to look at it this way….they are helping you climb by just visiting your site and contacting you through your online business forms.

Thanks Guys!



Social Signals: Do They Impact SEO Rankings? – SiteProNews

Social Signals: Do They Impact SEO Rankings? – SiteProNews

I was reading this interesting article the other day about social network rankings, if they have an impact on your web site and does the search engines take this into consideration when ranking your site. Though many of you use social media and want to eat up the likes on your page, I found out this doesn’t really help your search engine rankings at all. It doesn’t hurt them but it is irrelevant to your search engine rankings. Lets see what the experts say.

But first, what exactly are social signals?

Social signals is the term describing any activity by users that advances web content across social platforms. For instance; shares, Facebook likes, +1’s, and retweets could all be considered social signals. It was previously thought that these signals weighed heavily in favor of a business’s SEO ranking, essentially bolstering their position simply by acquiring more likes or +1’s on social media sites than their competitors. We now know that this not the case at all. Just a little bit of sleuthing can quickly uncover that at this point in time social signals are still not a serious factor in SEO rankings, despite the prior belief and hooplah. And that’s not likely to change any time soon.

So where did all of the confusion come from?

Much Ado About Nothing?

In 2010, Google spokesperson Matt Cutts was featured in a video endorsing the fact that Twitter and Facebook links were, at that time, being used as SEO signals. Shortly after in 2011 Google launched Google+ and set in motion their “authorship markup” campaign which was a way for authors to be connected to their content. These changes provided access to, and complete oversight of, a social media platform by Google. This was a dramatic new step for identifying and authenticating influencers online, and of course was aimed to further Google’s dominance across search and social platforms. These announcements contributed to convincing the world of SEO marketers into believing that social media was going to become a greater influence on Google’s algorithms.

This was later recanted in early 2014 by Mr. Cutts in a Google Webmaster series video where he was asked, “Are Facebook and Twitter signals part of the ranking Algorithm?” He responded by saying:

“Facebook and Twitter pages are treated like any other pages in our web index so if something occurs on Twitter or occurs on Facebook and we’re able to crawl it, then we can return that in our search results. But as far as doing special specific work to sort of say “you have this many followers on Twitter or this many likes on Facebook”, to the best of my knowledge we don’t currently have any signals like that in our web search ranking algorithms.”

Despite the fact that Google is not currently using social signals in their algorithms, some may still argue that there is a definite correlation between the number of shares a business receives on a piece of content versus their SEO ranking. While this may seem to be true, correlation does not necessarily equal causation as Matt Cutts pointed out. The relationship between these points toward the fact that great content inspires people to like it not only in Google, but on Twitter and Facebook as well. This is the key takeaway here; to simply focus efforts on creating great content that is relevant to your audience. In doing so, content will get shared more frequently, ultimately creating more traffic for your site and elevating your SEO ranking. This means that indirectly, social shares do help SEO, but the core is about great content, not social presence.

via Social Signals: Do They Impact SEO Rankings? – SiteProNews.

So according to this article, you can work with your social network platforms, however for your WEB SITE to be ranked, this has nothing to do with likes from social media on your pages. You still have to follow the protocols and guidelines for the search engine providers. You want better traffic? Then get that traffic back to your web site with interactive pages to help boost your traffic.

Small Businesses gets a kickstart on the web!

Small Businesses gets a kickstart on the web!

Coffee Web Design reaches out to small businesses to get their kick start on the web!

We know small businesses on the web and you having your own, can seem like and endless amount of work. Yet you have accomplished this now by starting your own small business and you want to take it to the next level. You need to have a web presence ….its a must and let us tell you why.

An astonished amount of readers of the web are growing on a daily basis. we aren’t talking about one shared computer in their house anymore. We are talking about multiple computers surfing the web, mobile, tablets, phones and who knows what tomorrow brings! Bill Gates said it YEARS ago….the future of successful businesses. It will be those on the web and those who no longer have a business.

You have a web site and your good to go?

Not necessarily.

More and more people are now using mobile devices than computers.  We are talking tablets…flip them vertically and horizontally…and your phones…the same. Is your web site responsive to these mobile devices? Will it adjust to how your viewers are viewing your web site and what their device is capable of seeing? If not, then you really aren’t “good to go”…your web site needs to be “on the go” as well!

You don’t sell products so you don’t need a web site?

Not true. 

Ever get your local Yellow Pages® in the mail…doesn’t it seem to dwindle little by little each year? there is a reason for this. More and more people are searching for local businesses and services online. True the Yellow Pages® has its own online presence now, and you can be listed in that…however customers want to see more…and your web site is where they want to see it!

They want to see what your business is all about, the people who run it or even just a gallery of what you sell. It doesn’t have to be an online store for you to have a web site…you just need to be there!

If you need a consultation about a web site for your small business, lets Get Started and get you a quote and get you where you need to be today and in the future with where the web is going.



Company Branding – How important is it?

Company Branding – How important is it?

Business Company Branding – How to promote your business through branding and market your brand.

Branding a business is going to be the key to your business success. This is done by your business logo. Recognition of a business brand – logo – will draw in customers and help your business succeed.

Though many people think business branding can be scary yet once you have the logo design for your business branding, the rest is a piece of cake.

#1. Design a business logo. Make sure it reflects a style or design that is relative to your line of work or one that really stands out from others. It can even be something very simple. look at the major companies, McDonald’s with the golden arches, Verizon, Nike…our children even recognize branding of companies before they can even read!

#2. Use the same logo on every advertisement and items you produce. Your brand should never change. Consistent use of a brand will promote business recognition. You can have different designs using the same branding element.

#3 Order marketing materials which will reinforce brand recognition. Flyers, brochures, hats, shirts, signs, vehicle wraps and magnets, all printable marketing materials including envelopes, stationary and business cards. One possible thought is designing your own stamps with your business logo on them which are available now through the postal service. USE them.

#4. Find ways for your business logo to be seen by the public. Public media services like television, business banners at events, car magnets, bumper stickers, banners for exchange links on web sites. Again put your branding on everything you do. Make sure your logo is easily seen to create your brand.

#5. Give gifts. Give gifts to network with other business, families and friends using your logo. Cups, mugs, coasters, matches and even M&Ms are available over the Internet. Everyone loves M&M candies and with your logo as a gift…they will think about you and your business every time they eat one. whatever it may be, think about things that people will see on a daily basis and not stick something in a drawer somewhere.

Once your branding is concrete and you have several different designs using that branding there are three steps to making your branding successful.

1. A Web site design based on your branding. The look and feel will make people know they are at the right place while surfing on the web.

2. Make your printable merchandise and advertising based around your branding logo and your web site design.

3. Now market your branding in every way you can think of. One way I have asked companies through business consulting to push their branding is through company shirts with their logo on it. They come in all varieties and look professional and there is a liability that employees are accountable for when wearing a company shirt. Also people will begin to recognize your company image…and even ask questions!

If you need help in marketing your brand or what a fresh look on an existing brand or just haven’t started yet. Let our design team help get you started.


via Business Branding | 

Why work with local businesses?

Why work with local businesses?

Coffee web design and its original team members are located in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Some of our team members however have worked with teams all over the US and world. We love local businesses though and to help the small businesses in our local community of Western North Carolina.

Why is it important to do web design for local businesses?

It is important to do business with local businesses because it supports your community for growth. It means your reputation in your community and stand out as a supporting local business for your community members. We believe that the one on one contact, understanding of the local economy and needs in the community makes for a successful “brew” for everyone.

What we do for local businesses in Hendersonville North Carolina

First of all we don’t limit our work area to just Hendersonville North Carolina, but if you are local to Hendersonville, East Flat Rock, Asheville or even Greenville South Carolina, we are here to meet with you and make your dream come true on a really good design for your web site. We have many services available to all of our clients and even though our team lives here, we service people all over the US.

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