Learn WordPress and be Independent!

Learn WordPress and be Independent!

Kicking off the month of July after a national recognition of our independence day, we are now offering training for WordPress so that you can to become independent in managing your WordPress site.

Maybe you have thought about a new web site and heard about WordPress or have an existing site and want to learn how to maintain it so that you get the best benefits of having a WordPress site? Thats what we are going to start addressing in a series of workshops.

Look for our upcoming WordPress workshops and sign up as we offer:

Beginners to WordPress – All the ins and outs and updates you should know.

Effective Posts and Why they Matter – Find out effective ways of posting new things on your web site and how to share to social media.

SEO for WordPress – Want better search engine rankings? There are effective tools for WordPress and let us show you important things to vamp up WordPress.

We always believe that our clients should have the ability to know how to manage their site even if they hire someone else to do it. Hopefully we can answer all of your questions (if you have any) after the workshop is complete. We will cover all the basis for understanding your WordPress web site and how it functions.

Our workshops will be located in the East Flat Rock area of North Carolina. We hopefully will like to offer online courses in the near future, but think the relaxing atmosphere will lead to a better learning experience for locals at this time.

Stay tuned for the schedule!

9 Resolutions for an Online Business for 2016!

9 Resolutions for an Online Business for 2016!

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Everyone is always looking forward to this part of a New Year and all of the resolutions we make in personal and business! Now is the time to really remember to include your online business when making those goals.

New Year Resolutions for web thoughts:

  1. Make sure your site is responsive! – that should be the top priority of any online business is making sure your web site is responsive to mobile devices. Say you can see it on mobile…but can it adjut to differnt devices and that adjustment is altered to which direction the device is held? if not then this should be on top of your list to get it done.
  2. Get a new design! Sometimes a New Year might make you want a new design for a fresh new look and start! Maybe you want a few themes to go along with seasons or holidays. Time to really tweek things up for the new year!
  3. Start an online shopping cart! With a fresh new start and year, you might want to consider selling good or services online this year and now is the time to start to get ready for a new shopping season and have all those tweeks and training and products online before the next big shopping season rolls around.
  4. Take some training! – Learn how to manage or what really goes into your web site by taking some local trainings. It is worth the time to really get in control of day to day operations and have others join you to help manage your own web site. Coming 2016 – Coffee Web Design will be covering a lot of courses in web management – Stay tuned!
  5. Fresh new content – Adding fresh new original content is very important to a web site. Learn how to really get things going and boost your rankings and how people will find you with adding fresh new content. Do it in a day and have daily fresh content for a month! Its that easy now!
  6. Convert your site over to a CMS (content management system) for easier management that can be done from any browser anywhere in the world as long as you can access your site by PC or mobile. We recommend WordPress for this.
  7. Create a fresh new logo – sleek designs are in, simple and effective….maybe its time to just give a face uplift to your existing logo or maybe you really want to get into a new brand for your company. in with the new to really get things off to a good fresh start!
  8. Get more organized with online tools – There are several ways of making your life easier with online tools available for your online business. Google Tools is one of them and all in one place. Finding and getting more organized with online tools and cloud services is  always a fun and exciting thing to learn.
  9. Get listed with Google – You haven’t done this already? Make this a goal early on in the year!

If you need help with any of these or a New year quote to help you meet these goals, feel free to contact us so we can help you with these New Years Resolutions.

No matter what your goals and resolutions are for the upcoming New Year, we wish all a safe, happy and PROSPEROUS New Year of 2016 by including your business goals and web business!

The Coffee Team

Tips on how to get rid of spam emails – So annoying!

We have all had this problem from time to time, you know the spam in our inboxes that seem to accumulate for no reason over night! This can be a cause from several things or all things combined.

Causes of spam can be from clicking on a link that is a virus, adding your email address to one account and having it sold, shared or collected for other intentional purposes, like other web sites who buy email addresses to…..(drum roll) ..send out spam.

It happens and unless you want a totally blocked email address and white-list every email that you only allow in, there are certain things you can do to cut back and avoid spam as much as possible. If you have a growing business, you have other things to do besides having to filter email.

Problem is when you have spam coming in, having an email set up to filter out spam or ability to report it IS important. Remember that if you don’t report spam, it will keep coming into your email, no matter who is your email service provider. Once you start reporting them, you will start to see them slowly dwindle.

Here are 7 ways of Getting Rid of Spam Forever

…and have recommended these to others for years 

1. Sign up for Gmail. Gmail actively works on your behalf to reduce the unwanted email that appears in your inbox by identifying prolific producers of spam and sending messages from those producers directly to your spam folder. Google recently added a “Promotions” folder to Gmail that filters messages that are clearly advertisements—but may actually be offers you want to see—and sorts them into this folder to allow you easy access to these offers while keeping them out of your inbox. Gmail also offers businesses the ability to use the Gmail service with the business’s own domain name, so Gmail’s effective spam filters are available for both business and personal accounts.

2. Unsubscribe buttons work. Well, they work for reputable companies, anyway. Here’s a helpful tip: When you follow the unsubscribe link, make sure you unsubscribe from all the emails you wish to block. It’s not uncommon for folks to click on the link and then have to take an additional step or two to actually fully unsubscribe.

3. Blacklist obvious spammers. Blacklists permanently block emails from selected senders or servers. Some email programs use blacklists already, but you can find lists (like the DNS Blacklist) that will help you identify additional domains that are known to generate spam. Once you blacklist a domain, server or sender, those senders simply can’t contact you.

4. Use a spam filter. Seriously, I’m shocked at how few people actually use software that’s designed to specifically solve the problem that so many of us complain about. For less than $30, you can get the highest rated spam filters like SPAMfighter Pro and MailWasher Pro. These programs are designed to offer both flexibility and comprehensive protection.

5. Report spam. If you have Gmail and spend the few seconds that it takes to report a spam message, Gmail will work to address the problem behind the scenes. Consider it community service—you’re spending a little bit of time to make the world a better place.

Last Resorts –

Meaning there are 5 above to try first to see if this helps.

These five tips will resolve the vast majority of issues that the average user will encounter, but there are times when that’s not good enough and you still find yourself inundated with spam that inhibits your productivity. In that case, here are two final tips to use when every other action has failed. These measures should only be taken as last resorts, because they’re likely to have some problematic side effects.

6. Use your own filters. If you’re plagued by spam that’s preventing you from efficiently accessing the messages that you really need, then you can create your own spam filters. You can create a key list of addresses and send every message that doesn’t come from one of those addresses to your spam folder. The drawback here is that you’re eventually going to miss messages you may actually want or need. The solution is to regularly look through your spam folder and make sure there aren’t any messages that need your attention. It’s also important to keep that key address list updated so new contacts get sent to your regular email inbox.

7. Change your email. This measure is another drastic one, but sometimes it’s the only way to absolutely ensure that your email address is secure and won’t be flooded with spam. I recommend this measure for folks whose email has been repeatedly hacked or is hopelessly inundated with junk mail. You’ll want to notify your regular correspondents of the change and ensure that any support staff has your updated contact information. You want to be accessible, but only to the right folks.

Source American Express – 7 Ways To Get Rid Of Spam Forever

WordPress Training Classes coming soon!

We know 2015 is almost over however we are working hard to ring in the new year by having some web classes and seminars for small businesses and WordPress users. Look for our coming up classes and where they will be held at locally.

Our plans for the future classes? A couple of examples are:

  • Get your business listed on Google. Step by step instructions on how to list your business and verification process of Google and Google maps.
  • WordPress – from understanding the basics to more advanced classes on getting to know WordPress, Search engine optimization and how to boost your rankings by posting.

We have a lot to come and a meeting place where the public will be invited to attend these classes. We look forward in ringing in the new year and helping you to succeed on the internet.

The Coffee Team


These 13 Google Chrome hacks will change the way you use the internet

Image credit from googleenterprise.blogspot.com

Image credit from googleenterprise.blogspot.com

Google is always coming up with solutions for both business and personal applications to use. Recently companies who develop Apps and Extensions for Google Chrome Browser are stepping up their game with the personal apps to use with your Google and Gmail accounts. Got to check some of these out and tell us your favorites.


Searches for the best coupon and code deals on the internet to save you money. Its money honey! Its just not a search but recognizes what items you are buying online and sends you any coupons or codes upon checkout! How cool is that! It also applies it at checkout to save money instantly! Download the Google Honey App


There are may times when we are searching the internet or a web site and find something we would like to follow up on or read or view. Well the Google Pocket App saves these in one place so you can go back and read at your convenience, watch a video and more. No more trying to remember what you wanted to read or where you found it. No more loading down your favorites to save a place later. Google Pocket does this for you. Download the Pocket 

Language Immersion

Google has always had a good language translator that is pretty accurate. It tries to recognize and offer translation services when you go to a web site. However if you are a frequent user of foreign language sites, this app maybe for you. It allows you to select which part of a site of a site you want translated and does it on the fly in sequence you want, in what languages you want and back again. Watch a video on how it works and Install Immersion here

The PanicButton

Its a little amusing but there is an extension to your Google Chrome that allows you to hit a panic button. PanicButton makes it easier for you to hide all of your tabs at once just by clicking on a button. They are then saved as bookmarks in a separate folder. Afterwards, the PanicButton turns green and shows you how many tabs are currently hidden. Another click on the PanicButton restores all of the tabs you have hidden earlier. See more detail or install the Panic Button on your Google Chrome here

Google Mail Checker

This is an extension to the Google Chrome Browser and is a simple application that notifies you of how many unread messages or new messages in your gmail box without having to switch back and forth to check your email throughout the day. It will place a little icon of notification in your browser bar at the top. Easy! Get the Google email checker extension.

Ad Block or Ad Block Plus

We still haven’t figured out with all the mobile devices being used these days why anyone would want to install pop up ads on their site? Its doesn’t provide a mobile friendly environment and actually does get more traffic to your site for advertisers. Its just annoying by our experience and those of clients we have interviewed. So this ad blocker maybe right for you.  It gives you the option though of white listing sites that you want to see ads, that you reel have quality further ad information you may want. Get the Google Ad Blocker app here. It even blocks unwanted facebook ads.


Ok we are guilty of this ourselves. Keeping multiple tabs open at the same time. Pretty soon it looks like we have comb teeth at the top of our browser. So this app mybe right for you if you need or tend to keep multiple tabs open at the top of your browser. Its called OneTab. Save up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter in Google Chrome. Whenever you find yourself with too many tabs, click the OneTab icon to convert all of your tabs into a list. When you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once.Even sorts by date. Get he Google OneTab

Simple Blocker

Ok got to give hands down on this one. This is an Extension that can be installed on Google Chrome for those who easily get distracted by, lets say social media sites and notifications and really need to concentrate on business or getting a job done online. This is then the perfect solution, especially for students. It was made with students in mind and business professionals who tend to get distracted by social media web sites. Simple Blocker is worth looking into and installing.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Business or personal, there are always tools with Google to help, but sometimes we need to access another PC that we have and Chrome Remote Desktop does just that. Connections are fully secured and they are compatible cross platforms, like Mac and PC. Since this is a good and secure platform, a lot of business people choose this to secure connection to share screens. See more of the options Chrome Remote Desktop has to offer and install your extension here.

Search By Image

This extension allows you to initiate a Google search using any image on the web. By the Google Images team. This adds an extra icon in your search browser. Great for research when it comes to images instead of the guess work or scrolling through a lot of images online with a basic search to try and find the information you are looking for. Get the Search by Image Extension for Chrome.

Chrome to Mobile

Send web pages from Chrome on your computer to Chrome on your Android phone or tablet, or your iPhone or iPad. Ever find yourself reading a page or looking at a map on your desktop and wanting a fast way to get that same page on your phone or tablet? Now you dont’ have to pull up your phone and search and find again on your mobile device. Simply use the Chrome to mobile extension to get it to your mobile fast! Download the Google Chrome to Mobile Extension.


Working on the PC and constantly having to grab your phone when a text comes in? Up until now there hasn’t been an easy way for make this a better experience, for Android device users. Mac has been doing this for years but now you can do this from your Android phone by MightyText. Its an SMS to PC application and is 100% free. Download the MightyText to make that communication a lot easier and less time consuming. Get the Mighty Text app for Chrome


We see mistakes and have made them too when it comes to using spelling and grammar on sending texts, emails and posts. This application for Chrome is a great tool in checking grammar and spelling errors before you post. This will boost your credibility and self confidence when writing online. Credibility is important now with Google standards of providing original and creditable content on sites now. Always a good tool to have. Get Grammarly to help you on any platform you are working on, social media sites, blogging, emails and more online.


We found a great start in finding all these apps and looking more into these and how they work from Business insider – These 13 Google Chrome hacks will change the way you use the internet 




Google releases new standards

Its been awhile since we found out some of the new standards Google has on how people will do searches. Its all about experimentation, how things work and trial and error to find out how they really want their standards for web sites. This is according to studies done on how people search and devices now being used.

In a new release by Google on November 19, 2015:

In 2013, we published our human rating guidelines to provide transparency on how Google works and to help webmasters understand what Google looks for in web pages. Since that time, a lot has changed: notably, more people have smartphones than ever before and more searches are done on mobile devices today than on computers.

We often make changes to the guidelines as our understanding of what users wants evolves, but we haven’t shared an update publicly since then. However, we recently completed a major revision of our rater guidelines to adapt to this mobile world, recognizing that people use search differently when they carry internet-connected devices with them all the time. You can find that update here (PDF).

This is not the final version of our rater guidelines. The guidelines will continue to evolve as search, and how people use it, changes. We won’t be updating the public document with every change, but we will try to publish big changes to the guidelines periodically.

At Coffee Web Design, we have been converting sites that need to meet these standards and getting our clients up to speed on how their web sites operate for future search standards. If you need us to look at your site or need to meet these new standards, please feel free to contact us.

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