There are a couple of ways that are best practice for companies and clients to contact you on your web site. You want to weed out spammers and junk contacts as much as possible. We know you have an online business and don’t have the time or energy to deal with spam or people contacting you with to good to be true emails.

What we recommend as far as contacting you from your web site?

Use a contact FORM.

We recommend that if you need clients or customers to contact you, use a form for your site (or multiple forms). This does cut down on emails because it takes time to fill out a form and contact you.

Make required fields. Most legitimate contacts will take the time to contact you with required fields. We recommend even a comment section be required.

Use a Captcha on your forms for security reasons. If you don’t, those nasty crawling bots can send you spam after spam after spam. This is one step closer to eliminating those bad boys!

Do not use your personal email…linked.

You can use your personal or business email however we recommend using a web form first.

If you really want to use and email on your site, then do so and do NOT link it. This takes time for copy and paste or typing in the email sent to you. Links, like email links open the gateway for those spamming emails to come in. They constantly crawl the internet looking for such links.

What about listing your phone number?

If you wish clients to contact you by phone, there isn’t any harm in listing a contact number to reach you diretly. However this does open you up for phone calls now and oh boy will you get them from other businesses trying to sell you something. From SEO to malware removal. you will get them. Best practice again is to have a form however if you must, then leave your phone number in several places other than your homepage and have links pointing to your contact information. Then if you are still receiving phone calls……….hang up, its that easy. They typically have a whole list to call and will be on to the next person.

Hopefully with these tips, you will cut down on spam and unrealistic deals that just seem to good to be true, or scare the life out of you!

If in doubt, please contact us and we will be happy to look into things for you!



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