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Everyone is always looking forward to this part of a New Year and all of the resolutions we make in personal and business! Now is the time to really remember to include your online business when making those goals.

New Year Resolutions for web thoughts:

  1. Make sure your site is responsive! – that should be the top priority of any online business is making sure your web site is responsive to mobile devices. Say you can see it on mobile…but can it adjut to differnt devices and that adjustment is altered to which direction the device is held? if not then this should be on top of your list to get it done.
  2. Get a new design! Sometimes a New Year might make you want a new design for a fresh new look and start! Maybe you want a few themes to go along with seasons or holidays. Time to really tweek things up for the new year!
  3. Start an online shopping cart! With a fresh new start and year, you might want to consider selling good or services online this year and now is the time to start to get ready for a new shopping season and have all those tweeks and training and products online before the next big shopping season rolls around.
  4. Take some training! – Learn how to manage or what really goes into your web site by taking some local trainings. It is worth the time to really get in control of day to day operations and have others join you to help manage your own web site. Coming 2016 – Coffee Web Design will be covering a lot of courses in web management – Stay tuned!
  5. Fresh new content – Adding fresh new original content is very important to a web site. Learn how to really get things going and boost your rankings and how people will find you with adding fresh new content. Do it in a day and have daily fresh content for a month! Its that easy now!
  6. Convert your site over to a CMS (content management system) for easier management that can be done from any browser anywhere in the world as long as you can access your site by PC or mobile. We recommend WordPress for this.
  7. Create a fresh new logo – sleek designs are in, simple and effective….maybe its time to just give a face uplift to your existing logo or maybe you really want to get into a new brand for your company. in with the new to really get things off to a good fresh start!
  8. Get more organized with online tools – There are several ways of making your life easier with online tools available for your online business. Google Tools is one of them and all in one place. Finding and getting more organized with online tools and cloud services is  always a fun and exciting thing to learn.
  9. Get listed with Google – You haven’t done this already? Make this a goal early on in the year!

If you need help with any of these or a New year quote to help you meet these goals, feel free to contact us so we can help you with these New Years Resolutions.

No matter what your goals and resolutions are for the upcoming New Year, we wish all a safe, happy and PROSPEROUS New Year of 2016 by including your business goals and web business!

The Coffee Team

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