When it comes to having and ecommerce site, there is no overnight instant success but rather you have to drive traffic to your site to start selling ecommerce. We found this interesting article that explains more in detail about conversion rates and how unique visitors to your site are important in boosting your over all sells for your merchandise. There are several ways of driving traffic to your site, depending on what you sell and how you want to sell it.

When it comes to sales, it’s all ultimately a numbers game. To sell 1,000 products, you do the numbers to find out how many people you need. If you have a 10% conversion rate (that is, 10% of the people who visit your site go on to buy), you need 10,000 unique site visitors. If you want to increase sales to 1,500, you must either find an extra 500 site visitors or increase your conversion rate to 15%.Most eCommerce strategies focus on increasing site visitors.

SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, PPC ads, and traditional advertising methods all focus on casting a broad net to drive more traffic to your website. Conversion optimization focuses on encouraging your visitors to become customers after they’ve found your site.Regardless of the importance of conversion optimization, it remains one of the most neglected aspects of eCommerce marketing.

Most online stores have an average conversion rate of 1-3 percent; they don’t focus on the psychology of web users. But if conversions remain low, it will be difficult to run a sustainable business.That’s why you need to address the hiccups in your conversion funnel. Conversion optimization is about getting more out of existing customers and increasing the ROI of your current investments. The profit is tied to the conversion rate, so it pays to focus on this metric.

To explain how to boost your ecommerce conversion rates, get more info from the 10 simple hacks to boost ecommerce.

Source: 10 Simple Hacks to Boost eCommerce Conversions Immediately | Elegant Themes Blog

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